Our Carbon drying and pulverisation plant

A new Carbon drying and pulverisation plant was built at our site in Duisburg. With the commissioning of the plant we are, for the first time in history of the company, no longer just a trader, but also a producer. Therefore we see this investment as a big step into our future. Our CPP was designed for at least 350 days of production per year and will be able to produce a capacity of about 400,000 mt pulverised coal per year. This allows us to load more than 40 trucks per day. In addition, the DK Recycling and Roheisen GmbH on the neighboring site can be supplied with coal dust via an air conveyor line. Furthermore, an additional capacity of pulverised coal is created for a wide variety of markets and applications.

All over Europe the port of Duisburg is one of the leading competitor inside the logistic field. The port is one of the most efficient and modern port facilities within Germany and remaining Europe, which provides the best possible access to water, rail and road modes of transport. The location is also easy to reach by barge, as well as by train from the main European seaports like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Flushing terminals. In case that our customers need it, a blueprint for a rail loading station is available and can be implemented at any time.

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