Hargreaves – Your partner for industrial raw materials

The Hargreaves raw material services GmbH was founded in Duisburg in 2006 and currently operates with a team of 20 highly motivated employees. As a subsidiary of the global acting company Hargreaves Services plc. we are economical healthy and independent.

Essentially the business activities consist of trading industrial raw materials – in particular of solid fuels, refractory minerals and pig iron. The core activities are directed towards storage, distribution and back-to-back business. Thanks to a consolidated position as a strategic partner in worldwide trade our customers benefit from a large network of suppliers and service partners.

Our main procurement markets are located in China, India, Poland, Brazil as well as in South Africa. In the sale of our products we are oriented globally with a special focus on Europe, in which our products regularly being shipped to six Western European seaports. Our main customers can be found in the steel, refractory, non-ferrous metal, foundry, insulation, lime and sugar industry. In doing so we guarantee a reliable and fast execution of contracts. In addition, since the completion of the Carbon drying and pulverisation plant, we have been able to supply our customers with pulverised coal from our own production.